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StudentsLearning about I.T. the fun and laid back way!


The Sax IT Club is a cross between IT training and a social club.

It meets weekly at the Fromus Centre in Saxmundham.

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Who is the Sax IT Club for?

Anyone, but especially those unsure of how to use 21st century technology to greatly enhance everyday life. This will be of special interest to the over 50’s who had no formal training in computers – including absolute beginners who’ve never touched a computer, digital camera, mobile phone and the like! It’s also for those who have a basic proficiency but would like to know more. Nobody needs to feel embarrassed about their ignorance of technology. It should also help those who are unemployed, looking to change jobs or just want to start a hobby or make new friends. The Sax IT Club is open to all and aims to address the skills of the digitally excluded society.

Over 7million Britons still have never used the internet! Many more don’t have basic online skills such as searching the web or sending and receiving emails, and they’re missing out on all that computers and the internet can offer.

The Sax IT Club is supporting local people, particularly older people, to develop digital skills and confidence and go on to help them reduce feelings of isolation, enhance relationships with family living further afield, save money, enable them to find new interests and connect them with their local community.



What does “IT” cover?

For us, IT (Information Technology) involves the use of computers and telecommunications, to retrieve, store and transmit information. Over time, we will cover equipment such as personal computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, Sat Nav, e-books and applications such as games, word-processing, publishing, presentations, spread-sheets, the internet, websites, e-mail, how to make free phone calls around the world, research, online shopping, commerce and auctions, security, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps etc…We will remove the mystique and hype for you, get down to the basics and explore everything that’s free to use!

The world wide web and internet are particularly popular:

• Email, surfing and shopping are by far the most widespread internet activities.

• Most internet households use the internet for 'Entertainment and Leisure', for keeping in touch with other people, to help in managing their lives, for education and working from home.

• Information about entertainment and events is the most in demand for people browsing the internet. Shopping, hobbies, news, health, timetables, the weather, financial information, sports and celebrity gossip are all frequent topics of interest and, to a lesser extent, recipes, dieting and blogs.

• Retired people are most likely to use the Internet for email or information searching.

Subjects, covered by the Sax IT Club, will be revisited several times to ensure everyone is catered for  - from newcomers to those who need refresher sessions. Subjects so far have included making your laptop safe from internet threats, broadband basics, Windows operating systems, finding and using free software, searching the world wide web, e-mail, editing photographs and attaching them to e-mail, designing invitation, letterheads and calendars, filing and retriving documents, printing documents, online banking and shopping, buying and selling on the internet, planning holidays, finding old friends, tracing your ancestry, creating spreadsheets to manage home budgets, watching videos, free video telephony and social networking.


How does the Sax IT Club work?

The club is a self-help group and the style is very relaxed and informal, in a cafe setting. Members can bring their own laptops or tablets in so that they are learning on their own machines, with their own software applications. Subjects and topics are driven by members’ wishes and there will be plenty of time to mix and chat with others. There are no fixed curriculums or exams to worry about. It is laid-back learning with no pressure. Jargon is kept to an absolute minimum and fully explained in plain English. There is also plenty of opportunity to share ideas and tips.

The Sax IT Club operates for those who want to attend regularly and embark on a journey of continuing learning - in a world of continuing change - as part of their improving lifestyle. The club is small and friendly and members provide support to one another. Membership is constantly evolving with new members always welcome - especially absolute beginners!


What the Sax IT Club does not offer

The Sax IT Club does not operate for one-to-one training. For that you will need to engage a one-to-one consultant who will usually charge £25-30 per hour to visit you at home. Nor do we offer a hardware or software repair service.


When does the Sax IT Club meet?

Meetings are at 10am to 12pm every Thursday morning.

NB. The Sax IT Club closes for the winter (Nov - Feb) and starts again in March.


Where does the Sax IT Club meet?

The club meets within the SMILE Cafe at the Fromus Centre, Seaman Avenue, Saxmundham, IP17 1DZ , so you can purchase refreshments at the same time!


How much does it cost?

It's FREE !!!


The Sax IT Club was originally established in 2012, and managed until 2014,

by the PASTEL Community Interest Company.

In March 2014, when the club became an independent community group.

                                         The Sax IT Club is supported by the PASTEL Community Interest Company and

                                                   The Saxmundham and District Community Interest Company (SADCIC)



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