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Bridging the Digital Divide

Sax IT Club helps reluctant technology users manage in a digital world

The Sax IT provides a relaxed, informal environment where members can socialise

and learn about IT at their own pace.

The focus is mainly on solvingthe individual problems

that most people come across online every day.

By providing a mixture of expert advice, experienced helpers and peer support

the club helps people get to grips with technology over a chat and a cup of tea or coffee.

Anyone is welcome to bring along their laptop/tablet smartphone/ digital camera to get some help.

The 'Over 50's' and other people who had no formal education with computers
are considered as a deprived group when it comes to IT. Even younger people often struggle with
the pace of change and find laptops, smart phones and tablets hard to get to grips with. Now so
many services have moved online, people are disadvantaged if they lack the IT skills necessary to
use them. The fight to get fast broadband internet access to Suffolk is only part of the battle. We
want to help people to use these services once they become available. The digital divide is not just
one of access to computers and the internet; there's a real need for help to plug skills gaps too.


      For more information and to register your interest in joining the Sax IT Club,

please phone Tel: 01728 - 604944  or



NB. The Sax IT Club closes for the winter (Nov - Feb) and starts again in March.



                                                   The Sax IT Club is supported by the PASTEL Community Interest Company and

                                                       The Saxmundham and District Community Interest Company (SADCIC)


For more information on PASTEL,

please phone 01728-604944

or e-mail